Next.js + Webflow

Instantly Create Next.js Sites with Webflow

DesignSync.js is a Next.js template that instantly imports any Webflow site into your Next.js project. Now you don't have to be a design expert to build beautiful Next.js sites. Skip weeks of frontend development time on every project.

Fully Editable Source

Add your own React components or API routes in Next.js and they will work perfectly alongside your Webflow pages.

DesignSync.js source code
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Instantly Deploy Your Webflow/Next.js Site

Deploy your Webflow/Next.js site to any static site host. DesignSync.js works out-of-the-box without any configuration. Just add your Webflow URL, and you’re ready to deploy.

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Client-Side Routing

Uses next/link for instant page load routing.

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Image Optimization

Optimizes your images with next/image.

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JS Load Optimization

Improves JavaScript file loading with next/script.

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Interactions and Animations Supported

All Webflow animations and interactions will continue to work in Next.js.

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Incremental Static Regeneration

Large website? ISR can render pages on-demand.

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Build Faster

Build beautiful Next.js sites in record time.

Still not sure?

Here's a few frequently asked questions. Don't see yours on the list? Reach out to us any time!

Do I still need my Webflow site after deploying my DesignSync.js site, or can I delete it?

If you deploy Next.js as a static site, you will no longer need the Webflow site. Your pages will all render from Next.js static files. However if you deploy Next.js as an ISR site, your pages will be rendered from the live Webflow site, and may not work properly if the Webflow site is deleted.

Can I add new pages in Next.js?

Yes, the React pages in your /pages directory will still render as they normally would with any Next.js site.

Does the Next.js site automatically update as the Webflow site changes?

Yes, we have documentation on how to set up automatic deploys from Webflow to DesignSync.js, so your Next.js site rebuilds every time your Webflow site is published.

Is there a free trial?

No, but we do have another product called CryoLayer, which is mostly the same, but without access to the source code, and there's a free trial.

Is it easy to upgrade DesignSync.js when there's a new version?

We recommend starting every new project by cloning the repository as a template. Then checkout the changes when you want to upgrade. If you're not interested in using git, you can always just download the source files.

Unlimited Subscription

  • Private repository access
  • Access to security updates
  • Access to new features
  • Documentation
  • Unlimited sites license
  • Email and GitHub issues support
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